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From our Dundas Valley picnic in the spring of 1999...

Eat and swim??? This is the best melon! This is so relaxing... Now it is our turn Oh yes we feed them then we wear them out Just one more swing!!

And our Easter 1999 party at the hall...

Can I make a wish?
Can we have the presents now? What a party!! DaVinci hard at work... Cupcake crafts? A chemist hard at work, or fighting to stay awake?

To the Hallowe'en 1999 party...

Say cheese!
Crime fighters unite!
This princess has her own pet?
Ferocious cats!! It's a scary cake!! First you draw it this way then you...

And we can't forget the trip to Puddicombe farms in 1999...

Can we take him home?
Jungle gym on a farm?
Wheee, it's a rollercoaster on a farm!!

Or our Valentines Day party for 2000...

Candy in the morning is sooo good!
First some vanilla then some chocolate..
I'm a regular Picasso don't you know!
Cupcakes and sprinkles oh my!

And our Christmas 1999 party at Abingdon Hall

What's she wishing for... I want off your lap before christmas... Is that you daddy?? I know what I want for christmas!! And why are we sitting on the floor?





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