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What is Caistor Kiddies?

Caistor Kiddies is a non-profit organization, operated by its members, whose objective is to provide an opportunity for our children to interact and develop social skills prior to joining the regular school system. In 1985, a group of hardworking, dedicated mothers got together.

They were concerned about the isolation experienced by their children and themselves. After innumerable hours of work and planning, Caistor Kiddies was born. The Playgroup opened its doors in October of 1985 with five members and two drop-in families.

Special Events

Parties are organized for Christmas, Easter, Hallowe'en, Valentines Day and the Year End Picnic. We invite you to meet the members of the Playgroup and see what we have been up to.


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Crafts that enhance creative urges, develop colour recognition and fine muscle co-ordination.

Puzzles and Storytime allow children an individual quiet time.

Dress Up inspires the imagination.

Lending Library with a large selection of children's and parenting books available.

Sandbox Play satisfies the urge to move mountains.

Kitchen/Tool Centre where the budding gourmet can conjure up gastronomic delights or your little handyperson can start building for the future.

Trikes/Ride-On Toys exercise the bodies as well as imaginations. An excellent outlet for pent-up energy that encourages large muscle development.

Circletime aids in the development of verbal and musical skills

How we are Funded?

Caistor Kiddies was incorporated as a non-profit corporation operated solely by the volunteer efforts of its members. In this way, we are able to utilize the talents of our members to enrich the program while keeping costs down. Active participation by all our member supports is vital.

Our success is dependent on the ongoing commitment and cooperation of our "working" volunteers.In part, Caistor Kiddies is funded by the provincial government, which provides the capital for our basic operating costs. Other expenses beyond this basic budget are the responsibility of Caistor Kiddies. These extra expenditures include the purchase of new toys and equipment, the cost of maintaining the existing equipment, and any expense that exceeds the estimate in our annual budget submission to the government.  

How We Meet These Extra Costs: Since we are responsible for the extra expenses incurred in running the playgroup, we embark on various fundraising campaigns during the year including a bake sale, cookie dough orders, and a Christmas Toy shopping event.


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