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Ahhh so much to see and do on the Internet with your children, and there is quite a good fare to view. Here are just a few examples that I've found so if you have some special ones of your own please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to include them.

  • One of the best and certainly the largest site I've encountered is ChildFun. With so much to see and do you can come back to it's colourful content again and again to peruse it's activities or download crafts to your home computer.
  • For the older kids from 7 - 12 there's Crafts4Kids so you will find many crafts and activities of a more complex nature but still quite easy to follow.
  • KidsCrafts is more of a source of activities from other very wonderful sources. The site declares "Need an after-school project? Try one of these on for size!", the site is a subset to CraftsInc. But contains a great wealth of links to other great sites as well.
  • For kids of all ages no matter boys or girls you can't miss out on TVO Kids which is full of all kinds of wonderful links to great activities.

There is also so much to see in West Lincoln too

Smithville, the hub of the Niagara penninsula

The Smithville Public Library
Brians Auto Service
who provided a wonderful float in the 2000 Smithville Christmas parade, thank you Brian!

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